Interactive Websites

Below are links to some of the websites that I have recentely designed and programmed.
I have primarily used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the design process. For the developing part,
I have mainly used HTML 5, CSS3, Java Script, and jQuery.

Baywatch Townhomes
East Side Riders Bike Club
Jim Keville Ceramics & Sculpture
Art by Yuli
Santa Monica College: Photography Department
Cal State University Dominguez hills: Art & Design Department
Winston Hewitt Tribute
Andy Goldsworthy Tribute
The Sunset Team Real Estate
Ritam Healing Arts
Creative Photography
Exploration Coaching
ezendesign blog
Thesis Website

Interactive Application & Games

Below are a series of interactive applications and games that I have recently
developed for the purpose of learning beginning Photography, understanding of primary and secondary colors, and correcting
color casts on images using RGB color channels. All the games are developed in Flash, Java Script and HTML5. Enjoy!

Virtual Cam Application
Interactive Astrology Chart
rgb VS cmyk Color Chart (beginning)
Interactive Primary, Seconary & Tertiary color Chart (advanced)
Just for fun!